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As the summer of 2019 begins to wind down, we have seen industry-changing advancements in terms of what is in, and what is out when it comes to the top interior design trends of 2019. Where the trend of 2019 can change at the drop of a pen, one thing is for sure, traditional flooring is a thing of the past. in favor of traditional flooring solutions, interior designers are turning to more modern flooring solutions that won’t only increase the appealing aesthetic of your home, but help you save a couple of bucks when designing the home of your dreams. So today let’s go over a few of the modern flooring systems that interior designers are calling a must-have in 2019 down below!
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Now that it is common knowledge that metallic epoxies can be used in the residential market, interior designers can’t stay away from it! An interesting fact about metallic epoxy flooring is that it is a one of a kind flooring system. Honestly, metallic epoxy is impossible to perfectly replicate, even by the contractor that professionally installs your metallic epoxy. This is because there are billions of chemical reactions that take place during installation. Blowers, brushes, solvents, and squeegees are used to customize the coatings so your flooring can mimic the appearance of natural aesthetics such as lightning, embers, lava, and even waves. You can even just apply the metallic pigments across the flooring for a pure metallic look. Down below, we have outlined a few facts about metallic epoxy flooring systems:
  • Epoxies have been a trusted flooring system since its creation in the early 1930s
  • Professional metallic epoxies use the 100 percent solid system which is the same as industrial epoxy
  • Metallic epoxies are crafted with a selection of metallic pigmentation in a wide selection of colors
  • Pricing for metallic epoxy starts at 5$ a sqft and ends at 15$ a sqft for more intricate finishes
Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete
This year, polished concrete has been one of the most popular interior flooring options. Its popularity is for good reason as the flooring system can turn a home into a modern spectacle with the blink of the eye. Along with a mesmerizing finish, concrete polishing is a flooring system that is friendly for any budget but also friendly for the environment as there are no additional coatings used, just the concrete you already have! But, there are also downsides of using concrete polishing so down below, you will find the pros and cons of using polished concrete:
  • Opportunity to last your home a lifetime with proper maintenance
  • The option to use multi-colored or single-colored flakes with unlimited configuration
  • The going rate for polished concrete is between 3-12 dollars a square foot
  • Can withstand nasty scratches and abrasions with professional hardeners
  • May become slippery when exposed to moisture or when soiled
  • Concrete isn’t good at retaining heat making the finish cold to the touch
  • The ultra-hard finish can become uncomfortable to walk on with time
Decorative Concrete Flooring
Decorative Concrete
Now that you know the top interior design trends of 2019, you have some work to do! While you may feel as if you are capable to DIY a coating or finish on this list, they are harder than videos on Youtube make them out to be. To ensure that your flooring system is the best it can possibly be, we recommend the use of a professional contractor. They offer rapid install speeds, high-grade materials and often a warranty that can give you extra peace of mind. But no matter what path you decide to take, we have nothing but our best wishes to you on all of your home improvement projects to come!