Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Durable And Reliable Flooring

We understand how harsh the setting can be in commercial facilities, so we are not going to waste your time with a flooring system that will underperform or last 3-5 years in your facility. For our neighbors in Raleigh, we have a revolutionary flooring system known as commercial epoxy flooring. With our commercial epoxy flooring, you can have flooring that:

  • Has Earned A USDA Approval For Use In Sensitive Facilities
  • Last Up To 20-30 Years With Proper Maintenance
  • Provide Jaw Dropping Upgrades To Your Concretes Performance

Want to know more about our amazing commercial epoxy floor coatings? We have all you need to know down below:

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How Your Business Can Benefit Using Commercial Epoxy

What would a flooring system be without benefits? That is why so many industries in Raleigh already trust our commercial epoxy flooring and only commercial epoxy, our flooring comes jam packed full of amazing benefits. Because our flooring offers so many benefits, we have taken the benefits our past clients love the most and have outlined them down below!
commercial epoxy floor coating

USDA Approved

Commercial epoxy is one of the few flooring systems to be approved by the USDA for use in all commercial settings and here’s why:

  • Another feature of the seamless finish is that no germs or other particles are able to be hidden on the flooring
  • Easy maintenance also plays a part in the approval
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Superior Durability

Our commercial epoxy doesn’t lack strength either, and here is what our epoxy flooring can bring to your facility in terms of strength/durability:

  • Commercial epoxy has a weight tolerance of 25,000 PSI compared to standard concretes 3,500 PSI
  • Our epoxy is able to resist damage from impact from dropped objects, heavy use and can delay the appearance of cracks
  • Commercial epoxy can even resist scratches and abrasions
commercial concrete epoxy

Chemical Resistance

Another reason why commercial epoxy flooring is so highly regarded os its superior resistance to a wide array of chemicals.

  • All chemicals and moisture will be isolated on the surface of the epoxy for easy cleanup and disposal
  • The epoxy floor is nonporous, meaning no chemicals will come in contact with your concrete
  • Protection From Dropped Objects
commercial concrete floor epoxy


Our epoxy floor coatings are known for how long they are able to last so here’s what that means for your facility:

  • A professionally installed epoxy flooring can last 20-30 years
  • The long service life of epoxy flooring makes the lifecycle cost even cheaper than traditional concrete flooring as concrete flooring needs to be refreshed every 3-5 years
  • Your business won’t experience another flooring related slow down for 20-30 years!
commercial epoxy

Improved Safety

No matter what your facility can always be upgraded safety wise and a commercial epoxy flooring can help with that with its:

  • Ability to supply ample traction with special additives that can make the flooring safe to walk on when wet
  • The ability to make your facility up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources
  • Be designed with stencils to craft text, arrows and even walkways or barriers for warehouse use
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Commercial Epoxy

Where there are customizations for other commercial floorings like concrete flooring, no other flooring on the market that can compare to the customization allowed with a commercial epoxy flooring system. No matter if you are customizing your flooring to make it more appealing or you are customizing it to make your facility safer and more efficient there are options that epoxy flooring offers that no other flooring system can. Here are only a few of the ways you can customize your commercial epoxy in Raleigh:

  • We offer a wide selection of base colors, the option to use multicolored or single colored flakes, and even the ability to craft metallic epoxy flooring using metallic pigments
  • We can even use our expertise to place your companies logo directly into your epoxy flooring
  • As stated above, we can use stencils to craft barriers, walkways and even text to keep your facility running safely and efficiently

To see all of the ways you can customize your flooring Click here.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring
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If you’re tired of subpar contractors trying to sell you subpar flooring, you’ve come to the right epoxy flooring company in Raleigh! We offer only the best materials that are installed by our handpicked team of epoxy flooring contractors to bring you the best finishes possible. If you want to get the ball rolling on your project, give us a call today for a free, no obligation quote!
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Maintaining Your Commercial Epoxy

Rapid Completion

commercial concrete epoxy coating

Another reason why so many business owners are flocking towards our commercial epoxy flooring in Raleigh is the simple reason that it can be maintained faster and cheaper than any other flooring system. This is because our epoxies are stain resistant and don’t require any messy waxes or polishes that require thousands of dollars of equipment to coat. If you’re looking for a flooring system that can keep your employees more focused on the task at hand than maintaining the flooring system, here’s what it takes to maintain commercial epoxy:

  • The first step in maintenance is the removal of all foreign objects and this should be done with a soft bristle broom or dust mop to avoid all scratches that stiff-bristle brooms tend to leave behind
  • The next step is to simply wash down the flooring using a standard wet mop and an approved cleaner to provide a clean surface
  • For tough stains, use a mixture of warm water and CLR with a nylon brush to work the stain in circular motions

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Our team of commercial epoxy flooring contractors has decades of combined experience bringing only the best finishes to our neighbors here in Raleigh. As a company founded in Raleigh, it is our mission to provide our neighbors with only top tier service and materials as well. Because we care, we also are offering exceptionally low rates for all of our epoxy flooring systems. Now that you know all about our commercial epoxy, here’s some information about us:

  • For a limited time, we are giving all of our clients a no obligation and a free quote for your project from one of our trained epoxy flooring contractors.
  • While we could save money using lesser materials, we could never do that! Unlike other contractors in Raleigh, we only use the highest grade materials available to use no matter how big or small your project is.
  • We stand behind our work, so for all projects that we complete we are offering a 1.5-year warranty so you can rest assured that no matter what life throws at you, we got you covered