Have questions about epoxy flooring? Here’s where you can get your answers to the most common questions we hear from clients.

How long can a well installed epoxy flooring system last?
A key benefit of having your epoxy flooring professionally installed is a simple fact that our well-installed epoxy floors will last much longer than an average installers epoxy would. We use high performing materials and the best preparation techniques in the industry. That being said, our epoxy flooring systems have been tested and proven to last in extremely harsh settings for 20-30 years. Another way to ensure that your flooring will last decades and is just as important as the flooring being properly installed is to always make sure routine and proper maintenance are being performed on the flooring. A well-maintained epoxy will perform better and last longer.
What are the benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring?
The best part aside from the affordability of an epoxy garage floor is the wide range of benefits that the flooring system can bring into the garage. No matter if you only store your vehicle or work on them in your garage, oil and other stains can make the garage look less appealing and affect the value of your home drastically. Our garage epoxy can make your garage stain and chemical resistant so you won’t have to break your back cleaning the garage. Another reason why so many people are switching to a garage floor epoxy is its ability to make your existing concrete stronger and more durable. An interesting benefit of using a garage epoxy is its ability to make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources, your garage can be brighter and safer all while you save money on your power bill!
Where can epoxy flooring be applied?
What makes the epoxy flooring system so popular is its ability to be applied anywhere you have concrete or anywhere you want to place concrete. We offer a wide range of epoxy flooring systems ranging from industrial epoxy flooring all the way to garage floor epoxy and everything in between. Epoxy flooring is able to do this with ease because of its wide range of benefits that can bring an upgrade in appearance or performance anywhere it is placed. For more information about any of our epoxy flooring systems, check out our main website or give us a call today for any advanced questions!
Why is epoxy flooring better than traditional concrete flooring
The most common comparison to epoxy flooring is concrete flooring but what makes epoxy flooring better than concrete flooring? In most cases, it comes down to how the floorings are going to be used, and that gives epoxy flooring the advantage over concrete flooring due to its versatility. What makes epoxy flooring so versatile? Epoxy flooring has a few abilities that a traditional concrete floor cant offer like increased weight tolerance and chemical resistance to almost every chemical on the planet. The increased durability and chemical resistance give epoxy the ability to be used in manufacturing plants, restaurants and even in basements thanks to its waterproof make up giving it a clear advantage over traditional concrete flooring.
How long does it take to install a garage epoxy floor?
Homeowners and commercial garage owners love how rapidly our garage floor epoxy can be installed. For example, our team of garage floor epoxy contractors can have a 2 car garage completed and ready for use in 4 days. While 4 days seems like a long time, our epoxy will be installed on the first day. The most time-consuming process is the curing of the garage epoxy. The flooring will be ready for light foot traffic in 24 hours but wait at least 72 hours before driving vehicles or moving objects back into the garage.
What are the different types of epoxy flooring?
There is a reason why epoxy flooring is becoming the most used flooring systems for both residential and business use. It is because of how many different types of epoxy there are! It doesn’t matter where you need flooring, from industrial epoxy flooring all the way to basement epoxy, there is going to be an epoxy flooring system to suit your needs. Want flooring that will dazzle your customers in your store or visitors in your home? Then you need a metallic epoxy flooring that can mimic some of the natures most beautiful phenomenon such as waves, lava or fire. There are dozens of different epoxies to meet your exact needs and you can learn more about them on our main website.
Are epoxy floors slippery?
One common misconception about epoxy floorings is that they are slippery. This is not the case at all, as if you’re wearing shoes on the flooring, it will provide ample amounts of traction. Just like other forms of flooring, the epoxy can become slippery when it is wet or heavily soiled, but unlike other floorings, epoxy has a way to make the flooring safe to walk on and use in these circumstances. We offer an additive that can be placed into the top coat of epoxy flooring that will give the flooring traction, hence making the flooring provide traction even when it is wet or heavily soiled.
What is the maintenance like for an epoxy floor?
Compared to other flooring systems, epoxy flooring is by far the easiest flooring to maintain and even the easiest flooring to clean up. This is because epoxy won’t require any messy and expensive waxes or polishes to revive or protect the flooring. All you need to clean your epoxy and maintain your epoxy is a soft bristle broom or dust mop and a standard wet mop to get the job done. For areas that are okay to expose to large amounts of water, you can even use hoses to clean epoxy flooring. Just make sure that the water is below 115 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re good to go!
Are epoxy floors good for commercial settings?
Not only is epoxy flooring good for commercial settings, but it is also the number one flooring system for commercial facilities. Epoxy floor coatings are one of the few flooring systems that have been approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities such as food and beverage processing plants and even in hospitals and other medical centers. This is because the seamless surface of epoxy offers an easily disinfectable surface that can withstand wear and tear from a large assortment of causes. Epoxy flooring is also durable enough to stand up to heavy vehicle and foot traffic and resist the harsh cleaning regiments performed in many commercial facilities.
Are epoxy floors good for residential settings?
Epoxy flooring is slowly starting to become popular in the residential setting as the demand for modern but environmentally friendly flooring grows. Epoxy flooring in the residential setting is no longer being limited to use in only the garage, epoxy is now beginning to be used in major living areas of the home and even in the basement for its basement waterproofing capabilities. All in all, epoxy flooring is a great choice for residential flooring as it is even competitive in pricing compared to the traditional flooring options as pricing starts at 9 dollars a square foot.