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Sometimes traditional flooring options just don’t offer enough customization or maybe you just aren’t attracted to the same flooring that has been floating around for the past century. We don’t blame you, as a matter of fact, millions of Americans feel the same way you do! But, that doesn’t need to be the case any longer with one of our metallic epoxy floorings! With a metallic epoxy you can:

  • Heavily Customize Your Flooring
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Sustain High-Performance Flooring For Decades

Want to know more about our exclusive and exotic metallic epoxy flooring? We have all the information you need down below.

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Where Can Metallic Epoxy Be Used?

MWhen people first see our metallic epoxy floor coatings, they automatically assume that the flooring can only be used in low traffic and subtle settings. We are happy to say that no matter where you are located or what type of home or facility you have, we can make you a metallic epoxy floor!
metallic epoxy


An area that metallic epoxy can excel in is the commercial setting and here’s why:

  • All epoxy flooring systems have been approved by the USDA for use in all commercial facilities from stores all the way to hospitals
  • The wear and tear resistance of metallic epoxy makes it perfect for high traffic areas
  • The appearance of metallic epoxy offers amazing curb appeal
metallic epoxy garage floor

Garage Floors

Perhaps the area that the metallic epoxy floor coating has been associated with is the garage and it is for good reason:

  • A metallic epoxy floor offers superior chemical and stain resistance that helps the garage maintain a clean appearance
  • Metallic epoxy can make the garage warmer and more welcoming compared to bare concrete
  • This form of garage floor epoxy can even make the garage up to 300 percent brighter
Raleigh metallic epoxy

Sensitive Settings

As we mentioned in the commercial section, metallic epoxy floors are approved by the USDA for use in commercial settings. This means they can also be used in areas that are sensitive and need to be carefully disinfected and cleaned regularly. Here is where metallic epoxy thrives as a sensitive flooring system:

  • Restaurants and food/beverage processing plants
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary clinics
metallic epoxy floor coating


An interesting place homeowners are beginning to place metallic epoxy is in the basement and here’s why:

  • Metallic epoxy flooring is a basement waterproofing system that can make the basement less humid
  • Our metallic epoxy floor coatings are all resistant to mold and mildew
  • The versatility of epoxy flooring makes renovating and converting a much easier task as it can serve as a gym flooring all the way to a bedroom flooring
metallic epoxy resin floor

Industrial Settings

Many people don’t consider metallic epoxy to be well suited for industrial use, but that isn’t the case at all and here’s why:

  • Metallic epoxy is basically industrial epoxy flooring as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base system
  • Epoxy is able to withstand up to 25,000 PSI when professionally installed
  • Metallic epoxy floors are even able to offer the same resistance to wear and tear as other epoxy flooring systems
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Metallic Epoxy

Now that you know all about the technical capabilities of a metallic epoxy floor coating, its time for the fun part, customizing your new flooring system. Our epoxy systems offer more customization than any other flooring system on the market as they are a liquid-based material so nothing is set in stone so to speak. There are millions of ways that you can configure the metallic floor coating such as:

  • Metallic epoxy floors are able to replicate some of natures most stunning phenomenon like a cloudy day, waves crashing in on the beach, and even lava flowing down a mountain
  • We even offer our clients in Raleigh the ability to place their favorite emblem or their companies logo directly into the epoxy flooring system
  • No matter what, your metallic epoxy floor will never be perfectly replicated due to the magnitude of chemical reactions that take place during installation
pure metallic epoxy floor
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Raleigh North Carolina
If you’re tired of subpar contractors trying to sell you subpar flooring, you’ve come to the right epoxy flooring company in Raleigh! We offer only the best materials that are installed by our handpicked team of epoxy flooring contractors to bring you the best finishes possible. If you want to get the ball rolling on your project, give us a call today for a free, no obligation quote!
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Maintaining Your Metallic Epoxy

Fast And Simple

Where many people tend to believe that the elaborate metallic epoxy floor needs a ton of time and elbow grease to maintain, we are happy to say that our epoxy floor coating takes no time at all to maintain! This is largely due to the fact that our epoxy coatings are stain resistant and don’t require and messy and expensive waxes or polishes to make the flooring shine like new. Heres what it takes to maintain a metallic epoxy in Raleigh:

  • To remove all foreign materials like trash, dirt or dust we recommend using a soft bristle broom or a dust mop for this job for their efficiency and stiff bristle brooms can scratch the epoxy
  • The next step is extremely simple as all you need to do is use a standard wet mop to wash down the surface of the epoxy flooring and paired with an approved cleaner your epoxy is ready to go!

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Giving Back To Our Neighbors

metallic epoxy garage floor

Our team of commercial epoxy flooring contractors has decades of combined experience bringing only the best finishes to our neighbors here in Raleigh. As a company founded in Raleigh, it is our mission to provide our neighbors with only top tier service and materials as well. Because we care, we also are offering exceptionally low rates for all of our epoxy flooring systems. Now that you know all about our commercial epoxy, here’s some information about us:

  • For a limited time, we are giving all of our clients a no obligation and a free quote for your project from one of our trained epoxy flooring contractors.
  • While we could save money using lesser materials, we could never do that! Unlike other contractors in Raleigh, we only use the highest grade materials available to use no matter how big or small your project is
  • We stand behind our work, so for all the projects that we complete we are offering a 1.5-year warranty

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