Sprucing Up Your

Garage Floor

Flake Epoxy
Your garage floor can be neglected sometimes if you don’t take proper precautions in ensuring its safety. There are coverings and things to add to the top of your garage floor that will make it aesthetically pleasing and will create a surface that is much easier to clean and maintain! Below are some different options you can choose from to spruce up your concrete floor:
Interlocking Tiles
Garage Floor Tiles
These tiles are great if you’re someone who wants to create an area that expresses individuality through color schemes! A well-installed interlocking garage floor can create fun and inviting patterns for anyone who uses their garage regularly. This type of flooring is best used for areas that are truly leveled.
  • These are heavy-duty tiles that provide stability
  • They are great for hiding salt and water stains
  • Easy to cover up surface cracks
  • Quickly and easily repaired, removed, and installed
Roll Out Flooring
Garage Roll Out Mat
If you’re a DIY type of person but you don’t want to use chemicals and substances, then it is your lucky day! Unroll the covering and cut off what you don’t need, it truly is that simple.
  • Quick and easy to install and can be done by the garage owner alone
  • Covers cracks, water, and salt stains and damages
  • These are easy to clean
  • If damaged the entire flooring will need to be replaced
Garage Floor Vnyl
These tiles are great for people who want to customize their garage floors even if there no serious reasons to do so, meaning, there aren’t cracks or stains they’re trying to hide. Typically made from heavy-duty vinyl, peel-and-stick is easy for those of you who enjoy at-home projects.
  • Before installation be sure to thoroughly clean off your garage floor
  • These tiles are quick and easy to install
  • Easily customizable and if one is ruined it can be replaced without replacing the entire surface
Garage Floor Paint
This is an option for garages that are not used for heavy reasons, meaning, if you’re simply parking your car in your garage, paint isn’t a horrible option. This is the most cost-effective option if you’re looking for a cheap installation because it is not a durable option. If you are someone who uses your garage regularly for more than simple parking, consider a stronger solution.
  • Clean your floors before painting
  • Prime the surface to have a long-lasting surface
  • This can be a labor-intensive process if you’re doing it on your own
Garage Flooring
Garage carpets are great for areas that double as heavy storage and usage. These products can help transform your garage from a standard car keeping area to an entertaining and useful space!
  • It can be installed as a peel-and-stick
  • Best for garage owners who use their garages for more than just storage
  • There is a lot of room for customization
Garage Floor Epoxy
If you want your garage to show your personality and still be durable, then epoxy garage floor coatings are the ones for you! Epoxy creates a hard-impenetrable barrier between the outside world and your concrete floor making it last longer, be stronger, and stay beautiful. Different types of epoxy flooring solutions may suit you and your needs more than others so be aware!
  • Flake epoxy
  • Metallic epoxy
  • Self-leveling epoxy
  • Mortar epoxy
  • quartz epoxy