When it comes to epoxy flooring systems, there are pros and there are cons just like any other flooring system. The thing about epoxy flooring is that the pros drastically outweigh the cons, but the cons still do exist and it is our duty to make sure you know everything about epoxy flooring. So, let’s get started with the bad first shall we?

The first con of epoxy flooring actually stems from its greatest feature, its hard and durable surface. Many homeowners have a hard time placing epoxy flooring in the general living areas of their homes like bedrooms and family rooms for the fact that the surface of the epoxy flooring is very unforgiving. For families especially, when epoxy flooring is fallen or tripped on, the outcome can tend to end in bruises and in some cases fractured bones. But what some families are doing to combat this con in order to keep the beautiful finish that epoxy flooring provides is using rugs and throw mats as you would on a tile or hardwood flooring to keep everyone and fragile objects safe in the off chance someone falls on the epoxy flooring system.

Now time for a benefit having an epoxy flooring system in your home. Unlike traditional flooring systems like tile and hardwood, epoxy flooring has an extremely customizable finish that can range anywhere from exotic and awe-inspiring to simple and modern. To do this, we offer a wide range of base colors to choose from, the option to use metallic pigments to create a flooring that replicates the appearance of waves, fire, and even clouds. For the man cave or garage, we can even place your favorite brand or manufacturers logo directly into the flooring so you can show off your pride and joy!

With the good comes the bad, and that is what the next section is about. When it comes to epoxy flooring, especially epoxy flooring that is going to be heavily customized, we urge using strictly professional assistance. This is because epoxy flooring takes decades to master and the smallest mistake in preparation, installation or customization can lead to the flooring being rendered useless. If the flooring is done incorrectly in any of these stages, there is only one way to repair the flooring, to completely redo the flooring. This will end up costing you hundreds or even thousands more than having a true professional install your epoxy flooring.

The good news is that you have found the top epoxy flooring company in Raleigh to install your epoxy flooring system. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors and epoxy floor coating installers have decades working with both standard epoxy coatings and are one of the few companies in Raleigh with training and experience working with metallic epoxy. If you want a finish that you can trust in the residential, commercial or industrial setting, you don’t need to look any further! You can even give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote from one of our professional epoxy flooring contractors!

Heres one for the road, did you know that epoxy flooring is one of the most resilient flooring systems on the market with the ability to resist anything from water to a variety of dropped objects? That’s right, our epoxy flooring is waterproof, fire and electricity resistant. Not to mention the flooring is able to resist damage from daily wear and tear in the form of scratches and abrasions and even heavier objects that are dropped on the flooring with the resilience of over 25,000 PSI!