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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Residential Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy floors as a whole have become hot commodities among interior designers for residential and commercial properties. Metallic epoxy floors, in particular, have surged in popularity, for good reason too, and more and more people want to know how to install them on their properties. It is important to note that metallic epoxy floors are all very different and never finish remotely close, so there isn’t a wrong way to install them.
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Concrete Resurfacing
The basics about preparing your floors are just like every other epoxy floor installation! Your concrete first needs to be inspected and cleaned. The area where you are installing the metallic coating needs to be completely cleared and any coatings, sealants, and paints need to be completely removed from the surface of the floor. After those steps have been taken any spalling, cracking, or pitting needs to be repaired thoroughly. Once your floors are repaired and cleared it is important to clean and power wash the area, remove all dirt, grime, grease, and oils because metallic epoxy floors are delicate and require a clean and level surface to apply.
  • Clear the space you’re installing an epoxy floor
  • Repair the surface and clean it offers by power washing the surface
  • We recommend a dark substrate
  • Grind the surface and clean it off again to remove dust and dirt and then apply an epoxy primer
Metallic Layer
There are 3 layers of your metallic flooring installation, there is a resin, a hardener, and metallic coloring. Refer back to your manufacturer’s instructions on the best way to mix these substances because unless you are immediately ready to apply it to the flooring surface, avoid mixing them to avoid starting a chemical reaction. Once you begin to mix these substances be sure to do it slowly to avoid any developing bubbles within the mixture. Once again, check your floors for dust or dirt and clean it off, then begin applying your mixture at about 500 to 700 grams per square meter. Appling less will not provide adequate coverage and too much will be too thick, and the metallic shine will not come through.
  • Roll or squeegee evenly
  • Do not mix quickly to avoid bubbles
  • Apply evenly throughout a clean floor
The Effect
Epoxy Application
When you begin to apply to color, mix each on one separately, and we recommend that no more than 2 colors are used in residential and more reserved areas because it will make your floors look very busy. Do not pour colors directly onto one another and try to apply them on opposite sides of your floors.
  • Do not mix the colors
  • Avoid pouring them on top of one another
  • You can manipulate them from opposite sides
Protect the floors
Epoxy Flooring
Without a proper topcoat, your metallic epoxy floor will be missing its famous resistant qualities! By applying the appropriate topcoat, you are ensuring that your floors keep their beauty.
  • This will make the floor scratch-resistant
  • Add a top coat to make the surface UV-ray resistant
  • Topcoats elongate the lifespan of your floor