Fantastic Epoxy Floors Are Completely

Changing Interior Design

Epoxy Flooring
Do you ever wonder why epoxy flooring has become one of the biggest names in the industry of interior design over the last few years? Do you still think that epoxy flooring is only well suited to be used in garages, commercial or industrial facilities because of their rigidity? Well, we are happy to say that epoxy flooring system has recently been discovered as interior designers’ best friend. Because of the huge selection of variations, readily available materials and contractors ready to get to work, here are a few of the reasons why epoxy flooring is the residential flooring of the future.
The Industries Most Versatile Flooring
Residential Epoxy Flooring
We know that real life isn’t a reality TV show and is full of ups, downs, and accidents that can put a workout on your flooring system. Where other flooring systems fall apart with heavy use, epoxy flooring can stand up to anything that life can throw your way in even the busiest household. The ultra-durable design of epoxy floors makes it perfectly fine to use in any area from heavy traffic areas like kitchens and dens to light traffic areas like laundry rooms and bedrooms. With a finish that is resistant to even the harshest stains, epoxy is the perfect flooring for accident-prone homes.
Crafting The Flooring Of Your Dreams
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring offers a lifespan of well over 20 years when professionally installed so to make sure that you don’t get tired of it, epoxy has been engineered to offer the highest level of customization than most other flooring systems on the market. With epoxy flooring, designing your dream flooring is as easy as ever with epoxies liquid makeup. With epoxy flooring, you can find yourself with the following design options:
  • Wide range of base colors to choose from
  • The option to use metallic pigments to create a special flooring
  • The option to have logos or emblems installed directly into the flooring
  • A wide range of designs can be achieved such as tile, woods and even natural stones
The Exotic Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic Epoxy
When most people think of epoxy flooring, they automatically think of the boring and bland epoxies that you can find in select industrial and commercial facilities. But, there is a form of epoxy that can break your beliefs by providing a one of a kind finish that no other flooring system on the market is able to replicate, the metallic epoxy flooring system. There are some outstanding finishes that can be achieved with metallic epoxy and we have outlined them down below:
  • A sky full of puffy clouds
  • Waves crashing into beaches
  • Slow flowing lava
  • A pure glitter flooring!
Simplistic And Carefree Maintenance
Epoxy Flooring Maintenance
Are you tired of slaving away on your traditional flooring system for hours just to keep it clean day after day? Well with an epoxy flooring system in place, you will find that maintenance is a carefree procedure thanks to its scratch and stain-resistant finish. Even if you decide that you want a pure white epoxy flooring system, it will be able to resist even the harshest stains like juice or wine. One of the features of maintenance that homeowners have loved the most about epoxy is that there are no waxes or polishes required, eliminating the need for expensive tools and materials. All you need to maintain your epoxy flooring is a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop combined with an approved epoxy cleaner from your contractor.
Installation Times
Epoxy Flooring Residential
When it comes to choosing your next flooring system one of the biggest factors in the decision is how rapidly the flooring system can be installed. This is where epoxy flooring shines as there are variants of epoxy flooring that can be installed as rapidly as 2-3 days!. But, when using a more standard epoxy coating, you should expect the epoxy to take anywhere from 3-5 days to install as a standard epoxy can take up to 72 hours to fully cure.

Well, there you have it, all of the reasons why interior designers are making the switch to epoxy flooring systems more than ever before. Even though it sounds easy enough to DIY, we recommend only using professional contractors for this task as it can determine how long the epoxy will last, how durable it is and even the warranty that most contractors offer with epoxy flooring. No matter what path you go down, we wish you the best of luck on all of the home improvements that you make in the future!