Concrete Instead Of Wood

Wood Flooring
Have you been messing around with the thought of having wood flooring placed into your home? If you are, you are probably attracted to the way it looks, right? Well, as you know there are ample limitations to where traditional wood flooring can be used. Traditional wood flooring sees limitations from moisture, heavy traffic, and even storage. These instances can make your wood flooring warp, splinter and just be overall unsavable in the long run. Only if there was a way to get wood flooring anywhere and everywhere you wanted. Well, there is a way to achieve this feat! No, we don’t mean that you should use a better or harder wood, we recommend the ever durable rustic wood stamped concrete!
What Is Rustic Wood Flooring?
Rustic Wood Flooring
Rustic wood flooring is a stylish way to implement the beloved look of traditional wood flooring anywhere you want! While rustic wood flooring is a name that is a little misleading, rustic wood flooring isn’t wood at all! Wood concrete is made out of an ultra-durable concrete micro-topping based material that is mixed until it is moldable and able to be formed using rubber stamps. As we have talked about up above, there are ample reasons why you should use rustic wood flooring, but down below, you will find both the pros and cons of using this flooring system:
  • High versatility, can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Provides a high durability finish resistant to most damage
  • Can be installed on a timeframe of 2-5 days
  • You won’t get the same feel to the tough as hardwood
  • Concrete is still prone to cracking over time
  • It may be easy to distinguish from real wood
Rustic Wood Flooring Vs Traditional Hardwood
Wood Concrete
Now that we have gone through the pros and cons of using rustic wood flooring, we know that the good outweighs the bad by a long shot. But, are the benefits of wood-concrete enough to outweigh the century-old finish of traditional hardwood flooring? Well, we think that rustic wood concrete is a massive step into the future and traditional wood flooring should stay in the past. Down below, you will find how rustic wood flooring compares to the traditional hardwood flooring system:
Wood Concrete
  • Concrete is 100 percent waterproof
  • Can be used outdoors with minimal maintenance
  • Will last 20-30 years with simplistic maintenance
Traditional Hardwood
  • Will warp when exposed to moisture
  • Require hundreds of dollars of chemicals to be used outdoors
  • Requires harsh maintenance to last 10-15 years
Investing In Your Home With Wood Stamped Concrete
Wood Stamped Concrete
One of the main reasons why so many homeowners are making the switch over to rustic wood flooring over traditional wood flooring is because it is a better investment, plain and simple. While you are spending your money investing in rustic wood upfront, it can pay off in the long run, unlike traditional hardwood flooring. Down below, you will find the pros and cons of using rustic wood in the long run:
  • See an increase of 2-5% in the value of your home
  • Can double lifespan of your underlying concrete
  • Make your home more attractive on the housing market
  • Not everyone knows the benefit of concrete flooring
  • Concrete is prone to cracking over time
  • A resealing project will be required every 3-5 years
Environmentally Friendly
eco-friendly flooring system
One of the upsides of using concrete wood flooring over traditional wood flooring that we love the most is the fact that it is an eco-friendly flooring system, unlike wood flooring. Let’s address the elephant in the room, traditional wood floors require a lot of wood, and while it may not look like much in your neighborhood, there are millions of homes across the world that use wood floors, that’s a lot of trees. Another massive bonus of using concrete is that it is a biodegradable material that won’t spend thousands of years in a landfill. Wood concrete flooring is a step in the right direction in keeping our Earth green.
Well there you have it, that is everything that you need to know about rustic wood flooring and why you should at least consider the flooring before using traditional wood flooring. If you arent sure about it, give your local contractor a call and they will be more than happy to give you a few examples of the flooring system. All we can say now is good luck with any of the flooring paths you take!