Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Kitchens

USDA-approved, resilient flooring

At Concrete Conversions, we understand the importance of seamless, easy-to-clean, and resilient flooring in a commercial kitchen. A kitchen floor system needs to be impact- and heat-resistant, seamless and sanitary, and slip-resistant — but it also needs to last for years. Looking for an affordable commercial flooring system that meets all of these needs?
Commercial kitchen epoxy flooring is one of the best options for your kitchen floor with the durability and resilience you need in a USDA-approved floor system without the high cost or upkeep of other systems.
When you turn to Concrete Conversions for commercial kitchen epoxy floors in Raleigh, you can count on:

  • Dependable, licensed epoxy contractors
  • The best epoxy products for long-lasting results
  • Attention to detail for superior installation
  • Solutions for every budget

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Benefits of a Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floor

You can count on Concrete Conversions to understand exactly what you need in a floor system for your commercial kitchen and deliver it with superior commercial epoxy flooring systems. Here’s why commercial epoxy floor coatings are the top choice for commercial kitchen flooring in Raleigh, NC.
Hygienic & Safe

Hygienic & Safe

Safety is a top concern in any commercial facility — both for employees and customers. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Raleigh delivers with a hygienic, USDA-compliant surface that won’t harbor bacteria or pathogens that can harm the health of your customers and workers. Ulike grouted or tiled floor systems, commercial epoxy does not have any seams, creases, or porous areas where food particles, liquids, bacteria, and mold can hide and flourish. A seamless, integral floor-to-wall cove base completely eliminates hiding areas for a safe, attractive floor.

  • Seamless and nonporous
  • USDA-approved and easy to sanitize
  • Skid-resistant for employee safety
Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

With any commercial flooring system, it’s important to have a floor system that’s easy to clean and maintain. This is most important when it comes to a commercial kitchen environment where cooking oils, water, and other liquids or food particles can create slip-and-fall hazards and potential sanitary concerns. Commercial epoxy flooring in Raleigh is one of the most easy-to-clean surfaces you can choose for your kitchen when a skid-resistant texture that doesn’t impact maintenance. The floor can be easily cleaned with a mop and bucket, pressure washer, steam cleaner, or automatic scrubbing system.

  • Can be pressure washed or steamed
  • Slip-resistant texture isn’t too profiled for cleaning
  • Doesn’t require specialized cleaning products
Resists Chemicals & Abrasion

Resists Chemicals & Abrasion

Commercial kitchen flooring needs to withstand all types of chemical exposure over a range of temperatures. Broilers, fryers, and ovens can splatter hot grease and oil onto the floor while pots can allow boiling liquids to spill over. Ingredients like sugar and salt can work like abrasives on the floor as they are ground in by foot traffic. Commercial kitchen floors also face hazards from solvents, detergents, and degreasers that are scrubbed into the surface. You can count on a commercial kitchen epoxy floor in Raleigh to hold up against all types of chemical exposure and abrasion.

  • Resists damage from hot oil, grease, and chemicals
  • Won’t be damaged by abrasive dry ingredients
  • Withstands solvents, detergents, and cleaners
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Moisture Resistant

Your commercial kitchen environment faces moisture from three sources: spills from cooking and cleaning; humidity generated by cooking, cleaning and dishwashing; and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) from the ground or the concrete slab. Moisture from any source can cause deterioration of the concrete substrate and the concrete coating. The right commercial kitchen floor in Raleigh is resistant to damage from moisture and helps mitigate moisture vapor transmission.

  • Epoxy is nonporous and resists moisture damage
  • Commercial epoxy stops moisture vapor transmission
  • Seamless surface makes spill cleanup easy
commercial concrete floor epoxy

Resists Thermal Shock

Commercial kitchen floors face a range of temperatures including the cold of walk-in coolers and freezers and the heat of cooking areas, steam cleaning, dishwashing stations, and more. Extreme temperature changes can cause contraction and expansion of the concrete itself as well as the concrete coating system. When the concrete and coating react differently to temperatures, it can cause the coating to shear off or delaminate. Commercial epoxy flooring is a smart investment as it offers excellent thermal shock resistance to expand and contract at a similar rate to the concrete itself.

  • Won’t delaminate in the face of temperature changes
  • Withstands the extreme heat of cooking and steam cleaning
  • Resists freezing damage from coolers and freezers
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What Is Commercial Epoxy Flooring?

Affordable, industrial-grade flooring

Epoxy flooring may look like paint as it’s applied as a liquid but this professional-grade flooring system does what paint can never do. Epoxy is a two-part liquid system made from resins and hardeners that, when combined, cure to form a highly resilient and nonporous surface bonded to the concrete itself. Once it cures, your commercial kitchen flooring epoxy is seamless, nonporous, and ready to withstand all types of hazards like chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, abrasion, and frequent foot traffic.
At Concrete Conversions, we use industrial-grade epoxy products that are 100% epoxy solids for years of worry-free performance in your kitchen.
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Commercial Kitchen
Epoxy Flooring
Ready to invest in a commercial kitchen flooring system that holds up to heavy-duty abuse and meets food safety guidelines? Our epoxy solutions are just what you’re looking for at a price that fits your budget. Call us today for a free estimate on a new Raleigh commercial kitchen epoxy floor.
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How Does Epoxy Flooring Compare?

How it stacks up against other kitchen floors

Epoxy Flooring Compare?
You have many options when choosing a commercial kitchen flooring system, but few offer the durability, longevity, and easy maintenance of commercial epoxy. Here’s a quick look at how commercial epoxy resin compares and why it’s one of the best floor systems for a commercial kitchen.

  • Ceramic tile has porous grout and grooves that can harbor mold and bacteria. The surface is also prone to damage from dropped objects.
  • Commercial vinyl flooring is cost-effective but won’t last long and can be damaged by many chemicals and steam cleaning.
  • Brick and natural stone are very expensive and only used in areas where the kitchen is publicly visible and part of the restaurant’s ambiance — although epoxy can also be customized and highly decorative.
  • Slab concrete is affordable but highly porous and must be sealed frequently. It’s also prone to stains and requires rubber mats for comfort for employees.

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

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Ready to invest in a beautiful new epoxy floor system for your commercial kitchen? Concrete Conversions is proud to deliver superior customer service and unbeatable commercial epoxy installation with experienced, licensed epoxy contractors in Raleigh ready to help.
We’ll help you explore the many options available with a commercial kitchen epoxy floor to create a custom floor system to fit your budget. We’ll go over your primary concerns such as longevity, chemical resistance, cleaning options, and appearance to create a floor system perfect for your needs. We can even install decorative commercial epoxy flooring that offers the same durability as regular epoxy for commercial kitchens that are part of the restaurant’s aesthetic.
Ready to get started with a hard-working and attractive commercial kitchen floor system? Call us today to request a free estimate.