One of the biggest discussions in the modern flooring industry is between commercial epoxy flooring and traditional concrete flooring and it seems like this argument is not going end anytime soon. We are here to bring our information to the battle and finally settle the age-old dispute between the flooring systems with cold hard facts. This is why we believe that commercial epoxy is better than traditional concrete flooring:

One of the biggest factors that flooring has to play in the commercial setting is how durable it is and how much abuse it can withstand before becoming damaged. We are here to say that commercial epoxy flooring has a very clear advantage in this category. This is because of the sheer strength of epoxy flooring. To compare the 2 flooring systems, let’s take a look at the PSI tolerance for the 2. Concrete flooring has an allowance of 3,500 PSI but this number frails in comparison to commercial epoxy floorings allowance of 25,000 PSI! Epoxy flooring is also able to protect the underlying concrete from a wide range of dropped objects, scratches/abrasions and even from heavy vehicle and foot traffic without being damaged or rapidly worn down, unlike traditional concrete flooring.

Another factor that plays a large role in our belief is that epoxy flooring offers a much more chemical resistant finish than that of a traditional concrete flooring system. This is because concrete is an extremely porous material and will absorb all moisture as a matter of fact and will cause deterioration, removal of surrounding supporting soils and can even cause serious environmental damage. While most concrete floors receive a sealer to combat this, many sealers can’t keep up with the harsh environment they need to protect the concrete against in a commercial facility. Epoxy, on the other hand, is a thick, nonporous and seamless surface that will not only keep all moisture away from the concrete but will isolate all chemicals on the surface of the flooring for easy cleanup and disposal.

What makes many business owners prefer epoxy flooring systems over traditional concrete flooring is the wide range of customization that can be done to the flooring system, unlike traditional concrete flooring. With traditional concrete floors, you only have the option of the level of sheen offered in the sealer and maybe a slight tint in the sealer. But with a commercial epoxy flooring system, we can offer you and your business with that wow factor that can get customers in the door while still providing a level of protection from the usual wear and tear of daily business. We offer a wide range of base colors, the option to use single colored or multi-colored flakes and even the option to use metallic pigments. We can even place your companies logo directly into your floor with commercial epoxy flooring!

Want to make sure that your flooring is able to perform as long as possible with minimal maintenance and hassle? Where even brand new concrete flooring tends to begin to crack and show its age with 3-5 years, our epoxy flooring system is able to stay in its pristine condition for at least 20 years with proper maintenance! The only major maintenance you have to worry about with a commercial epoxy is a new top coat will need to be installed every 7-10 years but even with this maintenance, commercial epoxy flooring still has a lower lifecycle cost than traditional concrete flooring!

Want to know more about commercial epoxy and what it can bring to your business? Check out our commercial epoxy flooring page on our main site or give us a call today for any specific questions and even receive a free, no obligation quote!