The best part about using an epoxy flooring system is the wide range of benefits that you stand to gain from using this flooring system wherever it is placed. Our revolutionary flooring system is able to bring amazing benefits to residential, commercial and even to industrial settings and that is what we are going to be talking about today. So let’s get started!

Maybe the biggest benefit that epoxy flooring is able to bring to any setting it is placed in is the sheer level of durability that outshines the durability of concrete. For comparison, high-grade concrete has a tolerance of 3,500 PSI while an epoxy floor coating is able to withstand an astounding 25,000 PSI! Along with its massive tolerance for weight, epoxy is able to provide qualities that can protect the flooring from daily life or even in the crude environment of an industrial facility. These qualities include but are not limited to protection from scratches and abrasions, a wide variety of dropped objects and even heavy vehicle and foot traffic.

A feature of epoxy flooring that gets overshadowed very frequently is its ability to be customized. Epoxy is one of the highest customizable flooring options on the market with a wide range of configurations that won’t only make your flooring more appealing to the eye but even safer and more efficient. For aesthetics, we provide a wide range of base colors, the option to use multi-colored or single colored flakes and even the ability to craft the exotic and modern metallic epoxy flooring with metallic pigments. For a more functional flooring, we can use stencils to craft text, walkways, barriers and much more that will be protected under the top layer of epoxy to maintain visibility even when the flooring has become soiled.

On the topic of safety, did you know that epoxy flooring can make the area it is placed in safer? The common mistake that many people make about epoxy flooring is that it is very slippery but that is not the case at all. The chemical makeup of epoxy makes the flooring naturally provide grip when shoes or boots are worn while walking across its surface. But, just like other flooring systems, epoxy flooring can become slippery when wet or soiled but the difference is that epoxy has a way to combat this, unlike other traditional flooring systems. We offer an additive that mimics the appearance of sand or salt that we can place into the final coat of epoxy flooring that will give the floor coating traction, hence making it safe to walk on when wet or soiled.

Another benefit of epoxy flooring is its superior resistance to stains and harsh chemical agents. While the nonporous and seamless surface of epoxy flooring makes all moisture and chemicals easy to clean up by isolating said hazards on the surface, this helps us and even the Earth in more way than one. Did you know that concrete is an extremely porous material and will absorb any and all moisture that it makes contact with, including chemicals? With an epoxy flooring system in place in areas that deal with harsh chemicals, you can help prevent the surrounding environment from potentially coming into contact with the said pollutant.

This has been a general outline of the benefits of using an epoxy flooring system but if more information is desired, feel free to take a look at our main webpage or even feel free to give us a call with any specific questions you may have!