Why You Need

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Basement Epoxy
Your basement floor is the foundation of your home, don’t let it be neglected simply because it is out of sight. Concrete, although extremely durable, will not last on its own. A concrete surface needs a professionally installed coating that will ensure its pores are not vulnerable to any moisture penetration. Epoxy basement coating prevents moisture damage and so much more, keep reading to learn more.
Protect the goods
Epoxy Basement Flooring
A concrete floor is extremely absorbent, any type of liquid that comes into contact with its surface the concrete will absorb. Constant exposure to water and other liquids creates a hospitable environment for bacteria, mold, and fungus that will eventually spread to the surrounding area and into the rest of your home. Epoxy floor coatings prevent any such thing from happening by curing with the concrete slab and filling the floors pores so that it becomes uninhabitable by any mold, mildew, or bacteria. Epoxy does not warp in damp environments so if the temperature changes you do not need to worry about how the soil underneath is impacting the surface above it.
Keep it clean
Concrete Basement Flooring
Epoxy basement floors are the cleanest floors you will have in your basement area. The surface is completely non-absorbent, not even with debris or dirt, so there is nothing to worry about it when it comes to dust getting stuck in your concrete! Epoxy floors are easily maintained by easy sweeps, occasional mops, and no special cleaners! Your floors will be the cleanest they’ve ever been with the least amount of work done!
Provides Durability and Strength
Basement Floor Coating
Luckily, if you’re simply using your basement for storage and aren’t concerned with all of the above, here is one more reason why an epoxy basement surface is still right for you: durability. A strong durable epoxy surface will not scratch, crack, peel, chip, or lift from the concrete surface. An epoxy basement floor can be used to store heavy furniture, boxes, fluids, chemicals, and more because the surface will not damage with sliding, impact, or spills. The strength is measured around 10,000 PSI and different types of epoxy basement floors can increase or decrease that average.
Finally, looks
No one wants to pay for an ugly surface, even if it is just going in your basement! Even though epoxy basement floors are easy and practical they do not lack style or substance. You can choose from different types of epoxy floors like flake epoxy that gives a granite style surface or from a metallic epoxy surface that creates a 3D illusion on your surface! Epoxy basement floors offer strength, resistance, style, and so much more, and the best part is none of these options are toxic!
Epoxy basement floors are worth the investment, if your pipes are located in your basement if your area is known for rain, or if snowmelt can sometimes end up in your basement area, it is time to consider an epoxy floor!