6 Decorative Ways A Concrete Driveway Can Boost Your

Homes Curb Appeal

Stamped Concrete
Every year, around the spring season, the time comes to update the appeal of your home. What better way to raise property value then by updating and enhancing the first thing everyone sees when they either drive or past your home! If you are trying to sell your house, or your concrete driveway is simply not cutting it anymore, consider the following updates for your concrete driveway!
Stamping it
Stamped Concrete
One of the most popular things you can do is add some appeal to a boring slab. Stamping a concrete driveway gives you the benefit of having it appear to be a different material but at a much more practical rate. Imprint fresh concrete with patterns that mimic brick, slate, flagstone, and so much more. Don’t let the current look of your driveway fool you, concrete driveways truly make it easy for new designs and ways to customize the front of your home.
  • Use different colors and stains with your stamps
  • Concrete lasts longer than brick and stone driveways, so one that mimics the texture and appearance is much more economically practical
  • Concrete stamped driveways provide endless opportunities for design
Texture it
Decorative Concrete
Stamping and coloring concrete is not inexpensive and does take some budget planning, the reason why it can be an economical choice is that it raises your home’s value and lasts for decades. A textured concrete driveway can add a decorative appeal that can truly look and feel unique to your home. Texturing doesn’t have to feel like you only have one choice, little subtle designs, and details can add an artistic touch.
  • This is great for homes on a budget
  • This finish produces a much more slip-resistant environment
  • Creates a unique look that is subtle and quick to do
Complement your home
Decorative Concrete Driveway
There is such a thing as making your concrete driveway “extra” so be aware and be subtle. You don’t want a driveway that has too much going on and not enough matching with the architecture of what it is leading up too! For maximum resale value, keep everything at peace with each other.
  • Match your home’s colors to your driveways if at all possible
  • Do not install a colored surface that distracts from your home’s beauty
  • Add patterns over harsh coloring
Botox, Facelift, Redo
Decorative Concrete Patio
Give your driveway a chance to live and breathe! Resurfacing is a great way to get the most out of your concrete slab without having to completely rip it out and replace it with a new one. First, that is not an eco-friendly decision, and second, it is not an economical decision either. You can resurface your concrete driveway and make it appear like it was just installed with new designs, artistic stains, and overlays.
  • Mimic stone, brick, or slate
  • Add patterns and textures
  • Enhance your current slab without having to replace it entirely
Get to the point
Residential Metallic Epoxy
Get your concrete surface a point of reference! Meaning, if there is a point where people driving by or driving up can look at then install an engraved design or something that brings people’s eyes to your surface. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to look and feel new!
  • Focal points help your floors stand out
  • This is an easy way to increase curb appeal
  • It gives drivers and onlookers a place to admire your home
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Stamped Concrete Pathway
Your driveway doesn’t have to be the only thing that you update! Your entire exterior concrete leading and complementing your home can be updated to exemplify your entire home! This is an easy way to create cohesiveness, which appeals to a lot of homebuyers!
  • Increase resale value by more than if you would have stopped with your driveway
  • Create a safer entryway by adding slip-resistant qualities
  • Add patterns and color to the entire outside of your home