Garage Floor Coatings

That You’re Gauranteed To Love

Garage Flooring
Your garage is more than just a storage area! This is the place where your car is stored, where your family walks in and out of regularly, and the one area that is opened out to the rest of the world. A garage floor should be just as important to maintain as the rest of the home, especially because if it is not properly maintained, it will affect the rest of your home. Garage floor coatings offer different aesthetics and textures to suit all of your wants and needs. With the right concrete garage floor coating, you can have a floor that helps brighten up the area, that transforms a once not so highly regarded room in your home, into a must-see.
A seamless garage floor helps prevent damages to your vehicles and belongings as well as keeping the inside of your home free from unwanted dirt and debris.
Concrete Garage Floor Paint
Painted Garage Flooring
For homes and garages that do not seem to utilize their garage much or have a set number of items in storage that prevent a lot of movement on the surface can invest in garage floor paint. These surfaces are beautiful, nontoxic, and truly customizable; however, if you are someone who does indeed use their floors often, whether you’re storing your garage daily, or moving boxes and materials in and out of the area, paint is not the way to go. Garage floor paints can be very weak and unprotective against damages.
Concrete Epoxy Garage Floor
Garage Floor Epoxy
If you want to truly engage with your garage space, then an epoxy floor coating is what you want. This seamless surface is a great way to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires and an even greater way to ensure no scratches, chips, or discoloring happen to the color on the floor.
Epoxy floors create strong and resistant surfaces to changing temperatures and to constant use. If you want a floor that is not only heat resistant but fatigue and stain-resistant, you want an epoxy floor asap.
Concrete Garage Floor Stain
Stained Concrete
Even though a concrete stain is not technically a coating, it still has its benefits! These floors create earth tone colors that help uniquely liven up your garage area. Without the hassle of peeling paint, discoloration, and everything in between, concrete stains are incredible for areas like garage floors who are used regularly but are exposed to different types of usages.
Garage Floor Coverings
Concrete Garage Floor
If paint and sealants don’t sound like “you,” don’t worry, there is more to come! Concrete garage floor coverings like snap-together tiles is a great way to protect your floors while decorating them! These surfaces offer resistance and beauty because you can install a surface with alternating colors, different textures, and varying designs! Snap tiles are quick to install, long-lasting, and easy to repair or remove in case something goes wrong.