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Are you tired of having to deal with your aging or damaged exterior concrete? Ready to make a change? We recommend one of pour award-winning exterior concrete overlays that can:

  • Revitalize Your Concrete
  • Compliment The Outside Of Your Home
  • Last Decades!
Want to know more about our revolutionary exterior overlays? We have all you need to know about them down below!

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Why You Need An Exterior Concrete Overlay

Exterior concrete has to deal with the harsh environment of the great outdoors with many damaging effects from UV rays, rain and even wind that can deteriorate your concrete faster than you think. Along with protecting your exterior concrete, one of our exterior concrete overlays can provide many other benefits that you can find down below:
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Crack Repair

One of the reasons why exterior overlays are used is to repair cracks and here’s how this can benefit you:

  • By repairing cracks, you are making your concrete much safer by eliminating tripping hazards
  • Overlays fill all cracks, making the concrete waterproof, thus making it last much longer
  • Cracks can drastically decrease the value of your home
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Customizable Finishes

The customization of exterior overlays is one of the main reasons they are becoming very common so here’s what they offer:

  • Stamped overlays can be used to craft finishes ranging from pavers all the way to natural stone
  • We can use stencils on standard overlays to craft flat finish that can offer appearances ranging from cobble walkways to your own designs
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Increased Performance

It doesn’t matter what your exterior concrete is being used for, it needs to be high performance outdoors, so here’s how an overlay can do just that:

  • An exterior overlay can double the weight tolerance of your existing concrete
  • Overlays can even protect your concrete from dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and the harsh UV rays from the sun
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Many homeowners are beginning to use exterior overlays for their affordability. They are not only cheap to install but compared to the option of tearing out and replacing your old concrete, an overlay can save you tens of thousands of dollars and even weeks of time. Overlays also offer incredibly low lifecycle costs comparable to that of pavers.
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Along with being extremely affordable and durable, a professionally installed concrete overlay can last you and your home decades with proper maintenance. Not only will your coating last decades, but a concrete overlay also gives your existing concrete slab the ability to last much longer than a concrete slab that is exposed to the harsh outdoor elements than a bare concrete slab
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An area that goes unnoticed by most homeowners is the driveway, but trust us, everyone entering or passing your house notices it. The driveway serves as the main entry point for any home and should always be kept in near perfect condition and when it is, the benefits are endless. An affordable way you can get back that like-new appearance of your driveway by removing all cracks, gouges and stains is through driveway resurfacing.
Driveway resurfacing is a process where we use a micro topping overlay to coat the entire driveway after lifting all stains. With this form of an overlay, you can choose between broom finishes, stamped finishes and even the appearance of rustic wood flooring. The best part about resurfacing your concrete driveway is that it is much more affordable and rapid than tearing out and replacing your existing concrete slab as that process can cost tens of thousands of dollars and weeks to complete.
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Exterior Concrete Overlays
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Are you ready to start transforming your exterior concrete slab into something that you can be proud of? Our team of concrete overlay contractors is ready to start your project ASAP and if you give us a call today, we would be more than happy to give you a professional quote for free!
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Pool Deck Resurfacing

The Affordable Option

concrete overlay around pool
One of the most abused exterior concrete surfaces is your concrete pool decking. Your pool deck is constantly exposed to harsh conditions provided by constant sun exposure, winds, and rain with little to no protection. Paired with concretes susceptibility to cracks, this can be a potentially disastrous combo. If your pool deck is starting to show signs of damage or age, it isn’t too late! Pool deck resurfacing is here to help in the following ways:
  • Pool deck resurfacing can save you tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time when compared to replacing your existing concrete and with summer right around the corner, you don’t want your pool deck being out of order for an extended period of time
  • We offer a wide range of coatings for pool deck resurfacing including pavers, Kool Deck, stamped concrete overlays, and even concrete stains to provide a blank canvas for your imagination

Garage Floor Resurfacing

For The Garage Of Your Dreams

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An area that doesn’t get much recognition from homeowners is the garage and we don’t understand why. The garage can serve as a vital area for any home whether it be used for storage, automotive purposes or hobbies, we believe that you deserve the garage to be in near perfect condition. While it may not seem like you don’t have any options for your garage floor, we offer garage floor resurfacing with our exterior concrete overlay and here’s what you stand to gain from using this service:
  • With concrete resurfacing your garage floor, you can use any of our exterior overlays, decorative overlays and stamped overlays as the main flooring or a standard overlay as a base for another coating such as garage floor epoxy.
  • No matter what, our overlays can make your garage up to 300 percent brighter with our light reflective sealers to make your garage more welcoming without additional lighting sources, saving you money in the process