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Is your concrete driveway damaged or lacking that flair that your home needs to be the envy of the neighborhood? No longer do you have to deal with plain concrete with one of our driveway overlays that are able to provide:

  • Durable And Exotic Finishes
  • Stain Resistance
  • Longer Lasting Concrete!
Want to know more about driveway overlays? We have all you need to know down below!

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Why You Should Use A Driveway Overlay

Where most people don’t see the importance of having their driveway coated, there are many reasons why you should use one of our driveway overlays. Our coating systems are able to provide benefits ranging from increased durability to easier maintenance through stain resistance. Here are only a few of the benefits that you and your home stand to gain from using a driveway overlay:
concrete driveway overlay Raleigh


Heres how a driveway overlay can give you endless customization options:

  • Stamped concrete overlays can be used to make your driveway look as if it using pavers and even natural stone as a finish
  • To make the coating look even more realistic by using stains to create highs and lows
  • A standard concrete overlay can be crafted with stencils for finishes such as cobblestone
concrete overlay driveway

Increased Durability

Heres what you stand to gain from the durability of a driveway overlay:

  • Driveway overlays are capable of withstanding damage from heavy vehicle/foot traffic, dropped objects and even harsh UV rays with our award-winning sealers
  • With a concrete overlay, your driveway will be much less susceptible to stress cracking during cold nights and hot summers
concrete floor overlay

Easy Maintenance

A driveway overlay can make maintenance a breeze and here’s how:

  • With one of our high-grade sealers, you will enjoy the benefit of outstanding stain and chemical resistance
  • There is no major maintenance associated with driveway overlays as maintenance is as easy as using your hose for cleaning
  • A new sealer will be needed ever 5-7 years
exterior concrete overlay

Investment Factor

Using a driveway coating is a wonderful way to further or protect the investment you have in your home and here’s how:

  • Driveway coatings can drastically increase the value of your home due to the high curb appeal they provide
  • A driveway overlay is much more affordable than tearing out and replacing the entire driveway


Heres how using a driveway overlay can drastically increase the lifespan of your concrete driveway:

  • When protected from the harsh outdoor elements, an overlayed driveway can allow your concrete to last 2-3 times longer than bare concrete
  • All you need to worry about with overlays is making sure your sealer doesn’t become faded and is replaced every 5-7 years
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Stamped Driveway


When it comes to customizing your driveway, your options can seem very bleak as HOAs can put a stop to anything that it too out there. Thankfully we offer a coating that is beautiful as it is durable. The stamped concrete driveway overlay is one of the highest customizable flooring systems on the market and here’s what you can do with one:
  • With a stamped concrete, you can craft appearances such as intricate paver patterns such as herringbone, the appearance of natural stone and even rustic wood flooring without having to cut down any trees!
  • Need your driveway to look like the real deal? We have a wide selection of concrete stains that can be used to create highs and lows to make your driveway look ultra-realistic.
  • Not only is stamped concrete beautiful, but it is also one of the strongest flooring systems on the market, even stronger than concrete!
stamped concrete overlay driveway
Driveway Overlays
Raleigh North Carolina
Are you ready to transform your boring, dirty and damaged concrete driveway into a true work of art or back into its true uniform appearance? We are offering our concrete overlays at an all-time low price to our neighbors in Raleigh so call now to receive your free, no hassle quote from one of our professional concrete overlay contractors!
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Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

When Repairs Don’t Cut It

concrete overlay repair
Sometimes, your concrete driveway is going to need more than a simple overlay to fix all of its problems, sometimes you are going to need to perform concrete resurfacing on your driveway to get it back into tip-top shape. But don’t worry, if you are eligible for concrete resurfacing it means that you are still in the clear when it comes to tearing out and replacing the entire driveway. With that being said, here’s all you need to know about driveway resurfacing:
  • Driveway resurfacing is one of the most affordable ways to get a brand new driveway and compared to tearing out and replacing your concrete, you can save tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time
  • We offer plenty of materials for driveway resurfacing including our decorative concrete overlays all the way to pavers to make sure your home is the envy of the neighborhood
  • Concrete resurfacing can be done to any damaged concrete surface, see our homepage for all of your concrete resurfacing options!

You Can Trust Us!

We Have One Goal

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As one of the top concrete overlay companies in Raleigh, we hold ourselves to a different standard than other companies. We have a strict set of rules for all of our jobs to make sure that the coating you just spent your hard earned money on is the best it can possibly be. When you trust us as your concrete overlay company, here is what we promise to you:
  • We promise to use only the highest grade materials for your job so you can have peace of mind knowing that your concrete overlay is the best it can possibly be
  • We have decades of combined experience installing and repairing concrete overlays so we know it takes to install your concrete coating as fast as possible without cutting corners or steps like other companies in Raleigh will
  • For all of our new and returning clients, we will always provide our neighbors with the most affordable prices in Raleigh