Decorative Concrete Overlays

Affordable, reliable concrete solutions

Want to give your concrete pool deck new life and color? What about getting the look of an elegant paver driveway at the fraction of the cost? Looking for an affordable, durable, and decorative solution for indoor concrete floors?
We can help with a huge array of concrete overlays in Raleigh. We offer everything from professional epoxy flooring for commercial and residential settings to decorative outdoor concrete overlays for your pool, patio, and driveway.

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Concrete Overlays in Raleigh

We offer a huge array of concrete overlay solutions for interior and exterior concrete. Along with decorative epoxy flooring in Raleigh, we also offer acrylic concrete coatings, stamped concrete overlays, paver overlays to give your concrete new form and function.
Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Concrete epoxy coatings are a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for interior concrete floors. Our Raleigh epoxy flooring contractors install decorative and high-performance epoxy floor coatings for residential and commercial applications. With minimal care, your epoxy floors can last up to 20 years!

  • Resistant to damage
  • Seamless and slip-resistant
  • Endless decorative options
Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Want a show-stopping new look for your business, garage, or basement? There’s nothing that compares to metallic epoxy flooring in Raleigh. Metallic epoxy is a multi-layer system that creates a unique pearlescent, 3D effect that can resemble molten metal, lava, flowing water, moon craters, and more.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Adds depth and movement
  • Great for businesses & homes
Garage Epoxy Flooring

Garage Floor Epoxy

Your garage has a lot of potential, although you probably can’t see it right now with the dusty, stained concrete floor. Garage floor epoxy in Raleigh is an affordable and dramatic way to give your garage new function. Garage epoxy creates a seamless and incredibly durable surface that makes your garage the perfect workshop, showroom, or storage space with decorative options like metallic epoxy and epoxy flake flooring.

  • Brightens the garage by 300%
  • Seamless and easy to clean
  • Resists gasoline, oil, and more
stamped concrete overlay

Stamped Concrete Overlays

A stamped concrete overlay is a great solution for exterior and interior concrete in need of a new look. This concrete overlay works by applying a thin overlay of new concrete polymer over your existing concrete. Before it fully sets, the overlay is stained and stamped to give you the realistic look and feel of wood, flagstone, pavers, and more.

  • Lasts as long as regular concrete
  • Great for patios, pool decks, and driveways
  • Realistic look of high-end materials
stone overlay concrete patio

Paver Stone Overlays

If you don’t want to settle for a stamped concrete overlay and you want the real thing, we can apply a paver stone overlay to your existing concrete surface. This option is popular for concrete patios and pool decks and it involves applying pavers directly to the concrete slab then filling the joints with sand. Your new paver surface will last as long as regular paver installation with decades of enjoyment.

  • Paver patio with a lower cost
  • Doesn’t require removing your concrete
  • Great for pool decks and patios
Dependable, affordable concrete solutions
concrete Overlay in Raleigh, NC
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Concrete Patio Overlays

Elegant patio solutions

Exterior concrete overlays in Raleigh are great for transforming your boring gray patio into a beautiful space for entertaining. There are many options to give your concrete slab patio a high-end new look. One of the most popular is a stamped concrete overlay patio. By applying a stamped concrete overlay, we can give your patio the look and texture of wood planks, flagstone, brick, pavers, slate, and more. We can even install a paver stone overlay directly over your slab. A stone overlay concrete patio is more affordable than replacing your concrete and gives you decades of enjoyment.
concrete overlay patio
concrete Overlay
Get ready to experience the difference that epoxy flooring can make. Our professional epoxy flooring installation delivers a high-performance industrial-grade coating that can last decades with tons of decorative options. Get your free estimate today!
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Concrete Pool Deck Overlays

Revitalize your tired pool deck

stamped concrete pool deck
Has your pool deck lost its skid-resistant texture? Has it turned into an eyesore with stains, cracks, and that ugly, bland gray color? We can give you the pool deck you’ve always dreamt of having with our exterior concrete overlays in Raleigh.
A concrete overlay around the pool can be as simple as an acrylic coating that adds new texture and color to your poolscape while even reducing the surface temperature of your deck. A stamped concrete overlay is another solution to make your pool deck look like high-end flagstone, cobblestone, pavers, or wood.

Concrete Driveway Overlays

Boost your home’s curb appeal

concrete driveway overlay
Exterior concrete overlays in Raleigh aren’t just for the pool and patio; imagine the beauty of a stamped concrete overlay driveway that gives you the upscale look of a cobblestone or brick driveway at a fraction of the cost. Concrete driveway overlays are a cost-effective way to revitalize an aging concrete driveway and boost your home’s curb appeal.