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Ready to give you aging concrete floor, pool deck, or patio new life? We offer a variety of affordable yet high-performance concrete overlays that can mask repairs, resurface your concrete, and add beautiful new color and texture to your concrete. You can count on our concrete resurfacing contractors to deliver reliable results you’ll enjoy for years to come.
When you turn to Epoxy Flooring Raleigh in your search for a concrete overlay near me, you can count on:

  • Reliable, professional installation
  • Huge variety of design options
  • Affordable concrete resurfacing
  • Long-lasting performance
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Our Raleigh Concrete Overlay Services

As one of the leading concrete resurfacing companies in Raleigh, North Carolina, we offer unlimited options to protect and resurface your aging concrete surface. You can count on us for beautiful yet dependable results that will give you many years of worry-free performance.
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Garage Epoxy Coatings

Your garage deserves to be more than a dusty, oil-stained space to store your car. With epoxy garage flooring, we can transform your garage with a reflective, seamless, and ultra resilient surface that gives you the look of an auto showroom without a major investment. Epoxy coatings bond with the concrete substrate and deliver extreme durability for up to 25 years. You can also customize your new garage floor with endless solutions like solid colors, epoxy flake, metallic epoxy coatings, checkerboard patterns, and geometric shapes.

  • Lasts decades with minimal upkeep
  • Withstands hot tires, oil and gas, and impact
  • Unlimited design choices
concrete overlay patio

Concrete Patio Overlays

Do you imagine something more sophisticated and eye-catching than your stained and boring concrete slab patio? Whether you love entertaining guests, barbecuing with the family, or relaxing outside with your morning coffee, we can give you the patio you deserve. There are unlimited options for resurfacing your patio with overlays including microtoppings that add texture and color, pavers installed over the concrete, and stamped concrete overlays to deliver the realistic look and feel of natural stone, wood, or pavers.

  • Long-lasting solutions
  • Affordable resurfacing options
  • Dramatically transform your patio
concrete overlay around pool

Concrete Pool Overlays

Your concrete pool deck represents a major investment, although it may be hard to remember how beautiful it used to be when it’s currently stained, cracked, or heaving in areas. We offer a huge array of concrete overlays that can give your pool deck a dramatic facelift with rich color, skid-resistant texture, and the look of high-end materials. The sky is really the limit with a concrete overlay near me in Raleigh, NC.

  • Great return on investment
  • Transforms an aging pool deck
  • Long-lasting concrete coatings
stamped concrete overlay

Stamped Concrete Overlays

One of the most dramatic options for transforming aging or unsightly concrete is a stamped concrete overlay. This type of overlay creates a completely new concrete surface bonded to your existing concrete slab. Before it sets, it can be stamped and stained to resemble almost any other material thanks to the flexibility of concrete. You can get the look of wood, tile, and natural stone with realistic details like wood knots, natural color variations, and “grout” lines without the upkeep or cost.

  • Affordable alternative to premium materials
  • Lasts 25+ years
  • Produces dramatic results
decorative concrete overlay

Concrete Microtoppings

Microtoppings come in many varieties but they are all applied to the concrete surface in a very thin layer. A microtopping is the most affordable resurfacing solution available for your concrete and it can create a protective barrier. Our microtoppings come in a huge array of colors and they can be customized with your choice of textures. Some microtoppings can even be stamped with unique textures while others have cooling properties to keep your pool deck cool and comfortable underfoot in the summer.

  • The ability to make the basement more comfortable with its basement waterproofing properties
  • Most affordable concrete overlay
  • Long-lasting and chemical-resistant
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Tips for Choosing the Right Concrete Overlay Near Me

Expert advice to narrow down your options

You may be surprised but there are actually many types of concrete overlays that can be applied to resurface and/or protect your concrete. The right concrete overlay in Raleigh will depend on whether the concrete is indoors or outdoors, your budget, your aesthetic goals, and the types of hazards the coating will face.
When you’re choosing a concrete overlay near me, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Coating performance
  • Exposure conditions such as wear and tear, thermal shock, chemical exposure, and moisture
  • Condition of your concrete
  • Predicted lifespan of the coating
  • Where the coating will be installed
  • Aesthetics
  • Budget
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Our concrete overlay contractors will help you narrow down the options to choose the right type of overlay for your needs. In a commercial setting or a home garage, an epoxy concrete coating can be a great investment, for example, but there are many formulations, including formulations designed to withstand thermal shock.
Raleigh Concrete Overlays
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From rubberized and epoxy coatings to stamped concrete overlays and acrylic microtoppings, we do it all. Ready to resurface or protect your interior concrete floors, pool deck, or patio? Give us a call for a free estimate today!
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Your Local Overlay Experts

Raleigh concrete overlay installers

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When you’re looking for concrete overlays near me, it pays to remember that quality comes first. At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, our contractors have decades of combined experience to deliver results that don’t just look great today; they perform well for years to come for your peace of mind. We can help you compare your options to decide which type of overlay product will work best for your budget, aesthetic goals, and other concerns to make the best investment possible in your home or business.

Bring Out Your Concrete’s Potential

We make your vision a reality

concrete overlay repair
Your concrete may be stained and cracked or it may be starting to heave or sink in areas. Don’t assume you need to have the concrete replaced. Concrete resurfacing is a cost-effective solution to give your concrete new life once necessary repairs have been made. We’ll bring your vision to life for your concrete floors, patio, pool deck, or driveway with stunning options like flagstone stamped concrete and vibrant-colored microtoppings around the pool.