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Ready to transform your basement? Need a flooring system that can stand up to the humid environment or even waterproof your basement? Well then you need one of our revolutionary basement flooring systems that are able to provide:

  • Decades Of Service Life
  • Endless Customizable Configurations
  • Basement Waterproofing
We have all you need to know about our basement flooring systems down below.

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Basement Flooring We Offer

When it comes to choosing your next basement flooring system, the type of flooring and the appearance play a huge role in what style you are trying to achieve in your basement. That is why we offer multiple types of flooring systems that can be used in the basement and you will find the most popular of these systems, down below:

Basement Epoxy Flooring

One of the top basement flooring systems on the market is the basement epoxy flooring system and here’s what it can do for you:

  • Basement epoxy can be used for basement waterproofing through its seamless and nonporous finish
  • Not only is epoxy waterproof, but it is also resistant to forms of waterborne bacteria such as mold and mildew
  • Basement epoxy also offers the ability to make your basement up to 300 percent brighter without having to use additional lighting sources

Stamped Concrete

Heres why homeowners are starting to use stamped concrete overlays in their basements:

  • Stamped concrete overlay offers some of the most exotic customizations and finishes including intricate paver patterns, cobblestone, and other natural stone finishes
  • The natural texture provided from stamped concrete offers superior slip and skid resistance in the basement
  • Stamped concretes are perfect for any type of basement with a wide range of finishes that can make your man cave look like its really in a cave!
Rubberized Floor Coating

Rubberized Floor Coating

Heres what the revolutionary rubberized floor coating can bring to your basement:

  • Just like basement epoxy flooring, rubberized floor coatings are 100 percent waterproof and can be used for basement waterproofing
  • Rubber flooring is resistant to damage as well, being able to avoid damage from dropped objects, scratches and abrasions and even heavy foot traffic
  • Rubber flooring is even eco-friendly as when the flooring system has been heavily damaged or is no longer functional, it can simply be recycled into another rubber floor coating
metallic epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Basement Floor

Metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most beautiful flooring systems that can be used in the basement but here’s what else it can do for you:

  • TMetallic epoxy basement flooring can be used to craft finishes ranging from clouds, fire and even waves by using advanced troweling techniques and solvents
  • Just because metallic epoxy is beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t durable! Metallic epoxy uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy system as industrial epoxy
  • The simplistic maintenance of metallic epoxy makes it even more attractive!
basement epoxy

Rustic Wood Flooring

Rustic wood flooring beats out traditional hardwood flooring in every category even appearance so here’s what its all about:

  • With wood stamped concrete, you can have the same elegant and timeless appearance of hardwood flooring with the waterproof and durable finish of a stamped concrete overlay
  • Our rustic wood flooring doesn’t require any expensive and time-consuming maintenance either, all you need to worry about is refreshing your sealer every 5-7 years
  • We even use real hardwood to make all of our stencils to get the most lifelike appearance
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Why You Should Use Basement Epoxy

Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to choosing a new flooring system for your basement, there are a lot of moving pieces that can make you feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully, all of our flooring systems are rated to be in the basement but basement epoxy flooring is by far the top flooring system for the basement and here’s why:
Basement epoxy flooring is able to provide the process of basement waterproofing that will drastically decrease the amount of moisture in the environment
Basement epoxy flooring offers the most customization with a wide selection of base colors and variants like metallic epoxy and epoxy flake flooring
Basement epoxy floor coatings are also extremely durable with resistances against dropped objects, harsh chemicals, and even heavy foot traffic
Basement Waterproofing
Basement Flooring
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Are you ready to make the switch to one of our basement flooring systems? Our team of basement flooring contractors are standing by to get started on your project ASAP. We provide the best service, highest quality finishes all at affordable prices and if you give us a call today we can give you a professional, free quote!
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Basement Flooring Installation

What To Expect

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When it comes to installing your basement flooring, times and conditions are going to differ between coatings, so let’s talk about basement epoxy flooring. Down below, you are going to find what you should expect when choosing basement epoxy flooring:
To begin, our team of basement epoxy flooring contractors has to make sure that your basement and the concrete dry are totally dry
On average, the basic basement epoxy flooring installation will take 4-5 days depending on the type of epoxy floor system used
Remember, never walk on the epoxy before 24 hours after installation and wait 72 hours after to begin full usage of the epoxy

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As one of the top basement flooring providers in Raleigh, North Carolina, we hold ourselves to a different standard than the other flooring providers in town. Down below, you are going to find the promises that we make to all of our clients:
We promise to only use the highest grade materials on the market. We swear to never use out of the box kits to save money
We always try to install your flooring system as fast as possible, but we will never rush the coating or cut corners in order to save time, resulting in a low-quality finish
We provide no hassle, professional FREE quotes to all of our clients!