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Is your commercial garage in need of epoxy coating? We offer professionally installed epoxy coatings that will ensure your commercial garage is top notch. Our epoxy garage flooring offers:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Customization
  • Easy maintenance

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The Types & Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Commercial garage floor epoxy offers owners a strong surface that will not require constant maintenance. In commercial areas you can have well over 200 hundred cars park at a time, our epoxy ensures that your garage is never in need of annoying repairs and maintenance.
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Garage Epoxy Flooring

Standard epoxy flooring offers commercial garage owners a system that is elegant and professionally installed. These epoxy garage floors offer benefits like:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Anti-yellowing/discoloring
  • Scratch and impact-resistant
  • Strength between 3,000-10,000 psi
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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

For some warehouse garages or other commercial garage floors, metallic garage epoxy flooring offers an eye-catching design that makes that particular flooring standout from other commercial garages. Metallic epoxy flooring offers benefits like:

  • 3D flooring design for garage floors
  • 100% epoxy, making it extremely durable even under high amounts of pressure
  • Anti-slip
  • Nontoxic
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Flake Epoxy Flooring

Flake epoxy flooring offers commercial garage owners an opportunity to install a unique floor that is extremely affordable. Benefits like

  • Flake epoxy creates uniformity for a commercial garage
  • This epoxy flooring hides major and minor imperfections
  • Their seamless finish provides unlimited color and design combinations
  • These floors are also available for outdoor installations

Resistant Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy garage flooring needs to be able to withstand different levels of pressure, high usage, and any extreme circumstances seeing as many different people and vehicles will be utilizing the space on any given day. Epoxy garage flooring offers:

  • Oil and stain-resistance
  • Grease and vehicle fluid-resistance
  • Resistance to chemical breakdown
  • Uninhabitable by mold, mildew, or dangerous bacteria
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Maintain Epoxy Flooring

Due to its high resistance to many different types of damages, epoxy flooring is extremely easy to keep clean. With minor needs, this flooring is a fantastic choice for a commercial garage floor. Benefits include:

  • No expensive or extensive waxes/waxing
  • Easy to pressure wash or hose down
  • Wiping away spills
  • Does not absorb heat, spills, or UV-rays
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Commercial Garage Epoxy Flooring
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Installation Process

Fast and Professional

Having a commercial epoxy flooring installed in your garage is one of the best decisions you will make for the immediate and long-term well-being of your garage. Our installation process is different every single time we meet a client because no two slabs of concrete are the same. We do however have a standard step-by-step process our clients can expect from us. Here is what you will see before and during the installation process:
  • A professional technician will inspect your floors
  • Any old paints, coatings, and sealants will be removed
  • Cracks, chips, holes, and damages will be repaired
  • The moisture levels in the area vapor emissions will also be tested
  • The temperature in the area will be recorded
  • The best decision on installation time will be determined
  • The process will then begin
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Commercial Garage Epoxy Flooring
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Having a professionally installed commercial garage flooring system will return any profit you invest in the garage. Talk to a professional today about having your epoxy coating installed today.
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ommercial garage epoxy floors are strong and durable flooring systems that should never become a DIY project. Your commercial garage will be exposed to different types of treatments, vehicles, and chemicals on a daily basis and it is important to have a flooring system that is resistant to all of the possible damages.
Concrete alone is not a durable surface, it is strong, but it is not durable. Naked concrete surfaces are highly absorbent and are easily damaged by the simplest spill or impact. Water spilled and left can begin to encourage bacteria and mold growth or a dropped tool can easily crack unprotected concrete.
Having an epoxy floor installed by a professional is crucial if you want to gain all of the aforementioned benefits.

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Here at Concrete Conversions, we offer professionals that have gained decades of combined experience in epoxy flooring. We offer knowledge, professionalism, affordability, and 100% customer satisfaction.
We offer high-end materials for low-end prices. We offer a warranty for your installations. We offer a team of skilled and licensed technicians that are dedicated to making you happy and installing the best commercial epoxy flooring system in the area.
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