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You need a contractor to install a long lasting durable commercial epoxy floor. There is no way around the benefits offered by professional epoxy floor installers. Our team offers:
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Benefits Of Professionally Installed Epoxy Flooring

The benefits offered by epoxy floors are only possible through a professional epoxy flooring contractor. If these floors are improperly installed, commercial epoxy flooring benefits are not possible. So, help your business thrive by hiring a professional commercial epoxy floor contractor.
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With a professional commercial floor epoxy contractor, business owners have the opportunity to design a flooring system that is not only eye-catching but something that can be designed to their own liking! Choose from different colors, textures, patterns, and designs. Being able to design your owner floor allows you to show your businesses individuality and spark interest from customers and clients. Professional commercial floor epoxy contractors install epoxy floors in:

  • Retail centers, malls, and local shops
  • Business buildings
  • Garages, warehouses, and showrooms
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When your commercial floor epoxy contractor installs your floor you can count on that flooring is a part of your business for a long period of time. Epoxy floors that have been professionally installed have generously long lifespans because they are impossible to damage when properly maintained. These floors can last for decades because:

  • They are resistant to high foot-traffic making them great for business
  • They are slip-resistant, making them fantastic for customers and employees
  • They are nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about fumes irritating customers and clients
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Commercial epoxy floor contractors here at Concrete Conversions offer high-end materials for low-end prices because we know how important well-installed epoxy floors are for your business’s well-being.

  • Epoxy floors are $3-$10 per square foot
  • Last for many decades lowering any need for repair and replacement costs
  • Easy to maintain and do not require expensive treatments or waxes
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It is easy to tell when a commercial epoxy flooring system has been installed by a professional because costs and repairs would be low and rare. When attempting to maintain an epoxy flooring system there is very little need to worry and obsess over its well-being if it has been installed properly. Maintenance is low so business owners can focus more on their business and less on their floors!

  • Easy sweeps or mops regularly
  • Never use cleaners with high acidity or soap
  • Always wipe up a spill when it happens
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Commercial epoxy floors require a level of resistance that other flooring solutions simply cannot offer. These floors must be able to resist damages from constant use that include spills, dropped items, and high amounts of pressure. When installed by a commercial epoxy floor installer, these floors are resistant too:

  • Wear and tear
  • Water and moisture
  • Impact, scratches, and stains
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Installation process

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Commercial epoxy flooring systems require a sense of urgency that is not found in other types of installations because the business cannot stay closed for long periods of time, and we as a business know this, so we work hard to get your floors installed quickly. We do not believe every commercial floor is the same and we would never try to make a cookie cutter solution for our commercial installations. Our commercial epoxy installs can install:
  • Metallic epoxy floors that appear to be 3D with incredible colors and designs
  • Rustic Wood flooring that appears like wood but lacks all of its faults
  • Epoxy flooring that can be as bright or as tamed as the business owner would like
The general installation process our clients can expect includes the following:
  • A professional commercial epoxy flooring contractor will inspect the floors
  • Any previous coatings, paints, sealants, etc., will be removed
  • Cracks, abrasions, chips, scratches, etc., will be repaired
  • Moisture levels will be tested
  • The temperature in the area will be examined
  • Further, necessary inspections depending on the condition of the floor will be conducted
  • Our installation process will begin
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We are a business that honors integrity and putting clients first. We are here to serve you with the best epoxy flooring installers in the Raleigh area. Give our professionals a call today to get started with your new commercial epoxy floor today!
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Here at Concrete Conversions, we believe that every customer deserves 110% of our attention to detail and satisfaction. We love what we do, and, in the end, we want you to love it just as much. We offer a warranty on your floors for 1.5-years!
We offer our clients 100% satisfaction because we are positive in our craftsmanship abilities, in our culture to produce beautiful floors, and in our love for epoxy flooring.
We want you to know you’re in the best hands you could ask for. For more information on our business and our floors, give us a call today!

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Concrete alone is not a durable surface. Having an epoxy flooring system installed in your business guarantees the aforementioned benefits. A poorly installed commercial epoxy floor will not have the benefits of resistance, longevity, or even affordability. Don’t take the DIY way out of calling a professional who can guarantee your satisfaction both long and short term.
Commercial epoxy floor installers at Concrete Conversions want your business to benefit from a perfectly installed epoxy floor! So, why put your businesses floor in anyone else’s hands but ours?