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Oct 14, 2019

The Effects That Winter Has On Your Homes Basement


The Effects That Winter Has on Your Homes Basement When the seasons change, when the weather gets hot or cooler, we all immediately consider new wardrobes, but we rarely think about the impact the weather has on the foundation of our home. Seasonal changes have big impacts on the rest of our home, even though concrete is extremely resistant, it is not immune to the ramifications of changing weather. Soil and Concrete When the weather changes, the shift underneath the concrete is significant. Soils, as water enters and/or leaves the area will [...]

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Oct 11, 2019

Basement Epoxy Flooring & Why You Need It


Why You Need Basement Epoxy Flooring Your basement floor is the foundation of your home, don’t let it be neglected simply because it is out of sight. Concrete, although extremely durable, will not last on its own. A concrete surface needs a professionally installed coating that will ensure its pores are not vulnerable to any moisture penetration. Epoxy basement coating prevents moisture damage and so much more, keep reading to learn more. Protect the goods A concrete floor is extremely absorbent, any type of liquid that comes into contact with its surface [...]

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Oct 9, 2019

The Real Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing


The Real Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing Concrete resurfacing offers home and business owners the opportunity to change, enhance, or upgrade your floors. Wherever your concrete surface is, you can upgrade it with a resurfacing project. Why would you reuse the surface you want to replace? Below are a couple of reasons why resurfacing your current concrete slab is worth the time and money. Economics matter! Well, your budgeting matters and with a resurfacing project, you put your cash first. Concrete resurfacing allows you to save money because you aren’t completely ripping out [...]

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Oct 7, 2019

4 Garage Floor Coatings That You’ll Love


Garage Floor Coatings That You're Gauranteed To Love Your garage is more than just a storage area! This is the place where your car is stored, where your family walks in and out of regularly, and the one area that is opened out to the rest of the world. A garage floor should be just as important to maintain as the rest of the home, especially because if it is not properly maintained, it will affect the rest of your home. Garage floor coatings offer different aesthetics and textures to suit all of your wants and needs. [...]

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